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Refund Policy

All sales of Recharge are final and there will be no refund or exchange permitted. Please be advised that You are responsible for the mobile number or DTH account number you purchase Recharge for and all charges that result from those purchases. Goter Web Services opc Private Limited is not responsible for any purchase of Recharge for an incorrect mobile number or DTH account number. However, in a case where a transaction has been completed by you on the Site, and money has been charged to your card or bank account but a Recharge has not delivered within 24 hours of your completion of the transaction then you may inform us by sending us an email on info@Goter Pay or posting us a message on the Contac US page. In such a scenario you will be entitled to a full refund. We request you to include in the email the following details - the mobile number or DTH account number, operator name, Recharge value, Transaction date and Order Number Goter Web Services opc Private Limited shall investigate the incident and if it is found that money was indeed charged to your card or bank account without delivery of the Recharge then you will be refunded the money within 7 working days from the date of the receipt of your email.

Any top-up payment / advance payment which is received from retailers / distributors / API User deposit the advance payment to his account for, the retailer / distributor Api User does not use the amount for goods & services and he wants his payment to return in this case after one month of deposit, retailer / Api user need to give refund request to us, once we will get refund request from the retailer / Api user, the balance amount will be refunded within 15 to 20 working days via same source

We have 24x5 (Excluding Saturday and Sunday) billing system available for neft and imps. Remember we only accept payment directly from bank not from any 3rd party website or any company. Some times billing may takes 24 working hrs.

Api User must be maintain minimum account balance Rs.500, Its Refundable

No Refund Policy

We do not have any refund policy, funds transferred to us will never be refunded. So kindly test our services well before making any future transactions.

Payment Gateway Refund Policy

We will processed refund same day via same source. So kindly contact partner payment gateway or wait for credit.